I am Meghann Chilcott and I drive pharmacy to new heights using innovative healthcare technology.

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Meghann Chilcott is an accomplished Senior Executive with more than 17 years of success in the healthcare, retail, pharmaceuticals, tech, and insurance industries. Leveraging extensive experience with technology strategy and business planning, Meghann is a valuable asset for companies seeking guidance on a strong network within the health and IT industry, reducing expenses, and resource reallocation. Her broad areas of expertise include budgeting, negotiations, vendor relations, communication, program & project management, emerging technology integration, policy procedure and development, and process improvement.

Throughout her executive career, Meghann has held leadership positions with OrderInsite, LLC; Fred's Inc.; Navarro Discount Pharmacy, and Walmart. In her current role as SVP of Business Development, Strategic Partnerships, Sales & Marketing Management, she is responsible for working closely with the C-level suite, propelling company business development goals across the innovative pharmacy technology solutions.

Previously, as VP of Pharmacy Systems at Fred's, Meghann reported to the CIO; worked in collaboration with Senior Vice Presidents of retail and specialty to implement solutions to support business growth; designed and interfaced a custom centralized solution to track patient charge accounts and accept patient payments to accounts at all point of sale systems in the company, resulting in reduced overhead at stores and streamlined accounting. During her prior tenure as Director of Pharmacy Systems at Navarro Discount Pharmacies, Meghann managed the entire operations of the pharmacy IT Department, including management of staff, scheduling resources, merging systems and data, reporting, and communication between organizations. She spearheaded the deployment and administration of Enterprise Pharmacy System, including biometrics for HIPAA compliance across 32 sites as the first pharmacy chain in the United States to fully deploy the system, and worked collaboratively with vendors to identify bugs and enhance the application.

Meghann obtained an MBA from Everest University and a BS in Information Technology from the University of West Florida. She holds technical proficiency in multiple systems, robotics, and software, including Lean Six Sigma, McKesson, and SQL. Meghann is an Official Member of the Forbes Technology Council, Executive Leadership in Technology

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